Neck & Head Aches

Low Back/Spine Conditions



Post Surgical Repairs/Reconstruction

Manual Therapy

Injury Assessment, Treatment, Education & Prevention

Knee, Shoulder, Foot and Ankle Rehab

Overhead Athlete (Throwing Injuries)

Sports Performance Enhancement

Work Rehabilitation

Work Conditioning / Hardening

Balance/Fall Prevention

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Flowers Physical Therapy is a progressive health care facility dedicated to restoring and enhancing the overall health of our patients. We accomplish our goals by employing methods and practices that adhere to the highest ethical standards and professionalism. We will continually push forward as a leader in the Physical Therapy field while never losing focus on our most valuable asset, our patients. All our facilities offer extensive caring physical therapy services by licensed physical, occupational and massage therapists. Services offered include all physical therapy modalities, manual therapy, massage, heated exercise pools, a full range of gym equipment that accommodates all types of rehab, wellness and obesity. Our goal is to provide rehabilitation, total fitness, and encourage wellness, while recovering.

Orthopedic and Sport Physical Therapy is a major focus of work at our facility. The program’s goal is to help the patient regain strength, endurance and flexibility. Achieving these goals will enable patients to return to their athletic activities with improved health and fitness. Prevention is an integral part of all our programs.